To Change the World

Quantum Physics tells us that the universe is one unbroken, continuous whole. When one thing in the universe changes, everything changes. It can be no other way. Therefore, you have great power, beyond anything you could imagine, to change the world simply by changing yourself.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.490, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

What You Are

Ramana Maharshi taught that there is no thing more important to spiritual discovery than to ask continually, “Who am I?  Who sees what I see, hears what I hear?”  If you really look at this question, you will see that you don’t know.  You are not a name, not a form or a bundle of experiences that happened to that form.  You are not the eyes that looked out yesterday, nor the thoughts that bothered you last week.  When you turn away from all inner and outer experiences, past and present, and allow your awareness to dwell on itself, you can sense that you are nothing but awareness.  This awareness is the one thing in you that never changes, regardless of your age.  Who knows what you know?  You may call it consciousness, spiritual being, Self, Atman or whatever.  What “you” are is that awareness that remains when every single thing you can possibly be aware of has vanished.

Notes to myself while reading “The Untethered Soul”, Pg. 23, Michael A. Singer

The Gift

For such is this life.  You are the gift you have been given: awareness, life force, knowingness.   This gift was given to you without your knowledge or consent because you didn’t exist until it was given. The gift was given to you, and it became you.   Do you understand?   Unless you look, you will never find.  Unless you question, you will never know.

Notes to myself while reading various authors.

Life-Force: The Self

The Self is the life-force which animates everything in the universe. That which the Self animates is constantly changing and perishable, but the Self is unchanging and eternal. All living things, from you to a mosquito larva to the tiniest amoeba, are made up of the five elements and the Self.  This Self is your awareness, your aliveness and your very being. You cannot utter one word, think one thought or move one eyelid without it. The Self does not belong to you or me; it is not divided. It is the same Self in all. Just as the one and only sun can be reflected in many puddles of water at the same time, so the same Self shines in all living things, but is One and only One. To realize and experience this Self is the greatest blessing and bliss. When you sit quiet and look within, you become aware of it.  It is like seeing the “eye of the eye”. The Self is the “eye of the eye”, and is the one who sees, as well as what is seen.

Notes to myself while reading “Amrut Laya – The Stateless State”, P. 218, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

The Meaning of “I am”

There is little difference between your waking state and your dream state. You are a creature of your memories, and the world you think you see, both asleep and awake, is a projection of those memories. Your memories are valid only for you, and not for anyone else, so they cannot be “real”. To know your true Self, you need to get out of those memories, desires and expectations and live in the now. When you live in the now, you know eternity, for eternity is only in the present moment. You miss it when your mind is preoccupied with past and future. What you really are is in the now, and to meet yourself, to know what you are, you have to be in this moment with yourself. It is possible to learn to keep your mind focused in each moment. It’s called Meditation, or Mindfullness. When you learn that, you are centered in reality, and in contact with eternity. And you discover the meaning of “I am”.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.527, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj



Be quiet. Do not try to be quiet, which is actually not being quiet. Just BE. Be aware that you ARE, without anticipating the next moment. Be timeless. Focus on your inner self, be with yourself, with love and awe, for you are a great mystery. You are not the one who lives your life, you are the one who is witnessing the one who lives your life. Touch that witness. Every moment you are a great mystery, but you don’t pay attention. You are too busy. Make a time every day when you sit quiet and just BE. When you know who you are, you begin to realize what you are. Just be quiet.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.508, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Self Awareness

Your conscious self is a reflection of your unconscious self, which many spiritual teachers refer to as “the heart”. In order to consciously believe or understand anything, you must first believe it and understand it subconsciously. No amount of browbeating your mind can force you to believe anything your subconscious mind does not understand or accept. Your true character, your morals, what you believe about yourself (your “ego”), are soundly centered in your unconsciousness. Your conscious mind merely reacts, with no intuition or understanding of its own. Thoughts rise randomly from your unconsciousness. Self-awareness is the practice of being consciously aware of your thoughts, impulses and desires as they arise in your conscious mind. This self-awareness is effectively practiced with dispassion, without judgement, and with tremendous love and understanding for yourself. Rather than trying to change or “improve” yourself, you simply observe. In this way, you begin to know what you are, and why. This is the true beginning of enlightenment.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.74, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Maya means “magic”. Avidya means “ignorance”. Not the ignorance of “stupidity”, but the ignorance of not-knowing. Every moment of your life, you are looking at reality, but your ignorance hides it from you with the magic of Maya. Your ignorance does not cover reality, it covers your own eyes, your understanding. Reality is always in plain sight. Where else can it be? There is no place else but right here and right now. The “secret” to perceiving reality is to know that there is no secret. As long as you think there’s a secret, you will be looking in the wrong place. The only thing preventing you from seeing reality is the veil of Maya you hold over your own eyes.

Notes to myself while reading “Journey From Many To One”, P. 107, Swami Bhaskarananda

Knower and Known

There are only two categories of things in the material universe: the Subject (the Knower) and the Object (the Known). Anything which you can be aware of is an object. You alone are the subject. The knower of an object cannot be the object; the knower must be outside of a thing in order to know it. You are aware of your body, emotions, mind, senses, intellect, memory and ego; therefore you are not any of these things. Being aware of them, you are the Knower of them, and you exist independently of them. Now, if all the things of which you are aware were to suddenly cease to exist, what would you be? Certainly, you would not disappear, since your existence is not dependent them. But you would no longer be the Knower, because there would be nothing for you to know. You would then be Pure Awareness, or the “Timeless Void”.  In Vedanta, this state is called “Atman”.  It is what you already are, hidden beneath all the distraction and noise of your daily living. You have always been this, and always will be. You cannot be anything else.

Notes to myself while reading “Journey From Many To One”, P. 69, Swami Bhaskarananda

To Know That You Don’t Know

It is never a waste of time to search for your Self, whether it be by meditation, study or worship. The very fact that you are aware of not knowing what you are, and you want to know, is the first step toward knowing. To not know that you do not know what you are is the greatest tragedy, because it guarantees your failure. Supreme Reality is with you and within you at all times, and knowledge of your true being is being fed to you through even the tiniest of events, every moment. When you learn to look, you see them. You will never, ever see or know if you are unaware that you do not know.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P. 183, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj