Knower and Known

There are only two categories of things in the material universe: the Subject (the Knower) and the Object (the Known). Anything which you can be aware of is an object. You alone are the subject. The knower of an object cannot be the object; the knower must be outside of a thing in order to know it. You are aware of your body, emotions, mind, senses, intellect, memory and ego; therefore you are not any of these things. Being aware of them, you are the Knower of them, and you exist independently of them. Now, if all the things of which you are aware were to suddenly cease to exist, what would you be? Certainly, you would not disappear, since your existence is not dependent them. But you would no longer be the Knower, because there would be nothing for you to know. You would then be Pure Awareness, or the “Timeless Void”.  In Vedanta, this state is called “Atman”.  It is what you already are, hidden beneath all the distraction and noise of your daily living. You have always been this, and always will be. You cannot be anything else.

Notes to myself while reading “Journey From Many To One”, P. 69, Swami Bhaskarananda

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