Life-Force: The Self

The Self is the life-force which animates everything in the universe. That which the Self animates is constantly changing and perishable, but the Self is unchanging and eternal. All living things, from you to a mosquito larva to the tiniest amoeba, are made up of the five elements and the Self.  This Self is your awareness, your aliveness and your very being. You cannot utter one word, think one thought or move one eyelid without it. The Self does not belong to you or me; it is not divided. It is the same Self in all. Just as the one and only sun can be reflected in many puddles of water at the same time, so the same Self shines in all living things, but is One and only One. To realize and experience this Self is the greatest blessing and bliss. When you sit quiet and look within, you become aware of it.  It is like seeing the “eye of the eye”. The Self is the “eye of the eye”, and is the one who sees, as well as what is seen.

Notes to myself while reading “Amrut Laya – The Stateless State”, P. 218, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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