What You Are

Ramana Maharshi taught that there is no thing more important to spiritual discovery than to ask continually, “Who am I?  Who sees what I see, hears what I hear?”  If you really look at this question, you will see that you don’t know.  You are not a name, not a form or a bundle of experiences that happened to that form.  You are not the eyes that looked out yesterday, nor the thoughts that bothered you last week.  When you turn away from all inner and outer experiences, past and present, and allow your awareness to dwell on itself, you can sense that you are nothing but awareness.  This awareness is the one thing in you that never changes, regardless of your age.  Who knows what you know?  You may call it consciousness, spiritual being, Self, Atman or whatever.  What “you” are is that awareness that remains when every single thing you can possibly be aware of has vanished.

Notes to myself while reading “The Untethered Soul”, Pg. 23, Michael A. Singer

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