Consciousness is the closest thing to you because it’s what you are.  It’s the only thing that belongs to you, and one defining thing in your existence of which you are unaware. You focus on what your consciousness is observing, forgetting the observer. The mind/brain is a sixth sense organ.  Consciousness uses the brain, but it is not the brain. You see, hear, taste, touch and smell only because you are this consciousness. It’s always present, so you don’t notice it, like you don’t notice gravity.

Notes to myself while reading “Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance”, P. 9, Robert Powell

Questioning Existence

The essence of existence in space and time is continual change from birth to death. Anything that never changes is not “alive”.  As a human animal, you have the ability to question and ponder; therefore you question the strange mystery of your existence. However, humans can only think in terms of space and time, so the questions you ask arise from that place of space and time.  You question with your mind/brain, and you look for answers that your mind/brain can understand.  If you ask a question while asleep and dreaming, any answer you get will be true only in your dream. Real answers are beyond space and time.

Notes to myself while reading “Explorations into the Eternal”, P.20, Ramesh S. Balsekar


The natural manifestations of the ego are greed, desire, fear and jealousy.   These negative emotions arise from your illusory concept that “you” are separate from the universe.  You identify yourself as one being opposed to others; comparing, judging and discriminating.  As long as there is duality, it is not possible to be rid of these negative emotions without being rid of the ego itself.   Think of this: if there were no “others” at all, if you were alone in the universe, would your ego vanish?   What, then, would be your concept of yourself? Could you sustain the conceptual ego you have now?   It’s perfectly natural to want to satisfy the need for food, clothing, shelter and comfort, but when greed exceeds need, your ego rules you, and you become ugly.

Notes to myself while reading “Explorations into the Eternal”, P.70, Ramesh S. Balsekar

Look for the Self

The desire for self-knowledge is the most brilliant of all gifts.  Treasure it.  Protect it.   In the constantly changing world, look for that in you which never changes.  This is the Self, Brahman, God. There is no such thing as sin, or guilt, or karma. There is only ever-changing life and unchanging witnessing.  Awareness is above all, silent, passive and eternally awake and unchanging.  The light of awareness shines in your heart, and always has, but you sleep while walking and never look or see.  You must find your own way; any other way is not your way.  Be focused and determined.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.495, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Love of Life

You love being alive. Even if it’s full of pain and grief. You want to be alive. You are addicted to being alive. But think about this: the body and the life you are so attached to do not belong to you. Very few people understand this. The days of your life are short and quickly vanish. A person who is full of pride and cleverness is of no use to himself or anyone else. People are like donkeys. They have no idea of the life force animating their consciousness, and seek no understanding of it, even though, in reality, it is all they are. How can anyone not want to know?

Notes to myself while reading “Master of Self-Realization”, P. 152, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj