The natural manifestations of the ego are greed, desire, fear and jealousy.   These negative emotions arise from your illusory concept that “you” are separate from the universe.  You identify yourself as one being opposed to others; comparing, judging and discriminating.  As long as there is duality, it is not possible to be rid of these negative emotions without being rid of the ego itself.   Think of this: if there were no “others” at all, if you were alone in the universe, would your ego vanish?   What, then, would be your concept of yourself? Could you sustain the conceptual ego you have now?   It’s perfectly natural to want to satisfy the need for food, clothing, shelter and comfort, but when greed exceeds need, your ego rules you, and you become ugly.

Notes to myself while reading “Explorations into the Eternal”, P.70, Ramesh S. Balsekar

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