More on Maya

To understand the meaning of Maya, look at your dreaming state.  Your mind creates your dreams, over which you have no control.   Asleep, you do not know when a dream starts or where it came from.  You cannot perceive that it’s an illusion while you are in it.   You simply watch.   In order to create your dream world, your sleeping mind must be completely unaware of your “awake” world: your  “real” body, lying quietly upon your bed, and all that surrounds it.  This unawareness of what is, is a perfect example of the magic of Maya.  If you want to awaken from a dream, or from Maya, you need only realize it is illusion.  All you need is understanding.

Notes to myself while reading “Journey From Many To One”, P. 112, Swami Bhaskarananda


Time and Memory

“Time” is a dimension pertaining to the past and future. Past and future exist only in your mind. Therefore, “time” is thought!   All thought arises from memory, and all memory is filtered through your “me” concept.  No thought can be retained in memory without a “me” attached.   A remembered event is recalled and viewed only in the present moment, through the eyes of your body/mind identification, and is no more real than your dreams are real.  The only thing that is real, that you can ever truly experience, is the present moment.  That’s the timeless NOW, and timeless means “eternity”.  Think about this.

Notes to myself while reading “Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance”, P. 7, Robert Powell