Furnish Your Mind

Actually, you do not live in the world, or even in your body.  You live only in your mind.    Every moment of your life that’s where you are.  Your mind is your home, and your thoughts are the furnishings.  You can decorate with negative thoughts, or with positive thoughts.  You can live with the filth of self-pride, hatred, vengeance, and hurtful thoughts, or you can live with the joy of hope, excitement, curiosity and loving thoughts. No one can make you think ugly thoughts.  Within the home of your mind, you, and only you, are in charge.  You may encounter a lot of filth outside the door, but you needn’t bring it inside.

Notes to myself while reading various authors.

The Purest Vedanta

“We spread our own fantasy by saying, “I love you, I love you.”  Do you ever think, ‘I love myself, I love me?'”

“When I tell you to meditate on your inner Self, what does that mean?  Doesn’t it mean that I’m asking you to find out who you are?  Meditate on your own Self, honor and worship your Self, kneel to your Self — that is the purest Vedanta.”

“The ocean of joy, the ocean of happiness, the ocean of love and peace, is so large that compared to it the outer ocean is not big at all.  Inside you, listen to God, talk to God, see God.  Then you will become an ecstatic being.  Give up looking at another’s makeup, another’s moustache, another’s hair style.  Look at your own Self.”

Direct quotes from “From the Finite to the Infinite”, P.252, 258, 266, Swami Muktananda