Inner Light

If you wish to know your Self, you must be very quiet and very simple. Miracles, trances, visions, and mind-altering drugs are of the earth, not of the Spirit. Seeking them gives you nothing, and distracts you from learning to know your Self. Just as you cannot see daylight, but you know it exists because of the objects it illuminates, so you know the Self exists because it illuminates and reveals your consciousness. Your consciousness perceives everything by the light of the Self. There is only that light. Without it, there is a darkness, devoid of all, including your awareness of awareness. When you are very quiet and simple, and you turn your awareness in on itself, you sense that light. That is the beginning of Knowledge. You truly are what you do not know. You are like a mirror, which reflects all but contains nothing.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, Pg. 390, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj