What You Are

You always live in the state of your own understanding, and so you become what you understand.  When you believe you are your thoughts and emotions, that is what you live, but what you really are is the witness of them.  You are the light of awareness.  It is frightening to think of losing your illusory ego because you believe it is you; you believe that if it disappears, it means your death. In reality, your ego is your illusion. You are what is beyond the ego, watching it.

Notes to myself while reading “I Have Become Alive”, P.199, Swami Muktananda

Life As A Donkey

You should properly use your human life.  Seek to meet your Self.   A person who rides a donkey should know that he is not the donkey.  Your body is much the same as the donkey, but without a tail.   Society forces upon you the illusion that you are the donkey.  All sorts of donkey sorrows will naturally befall a donkey, and if you believe you are the donkey, you will suffer those same ills.  You will spend your entire human life caring for a donkey, and in the end, it dies and is burnt.   To be gifted with human life is terribly rare and precious.  We need to realize the mystery.  We need to live our life adoring the jewel it is.

Notes to myself while reading “Master of Self-Realization”, P.374, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj