It’s not possible to make a tin whistle out of a chunk of gold. A gold whistle: yes, but a tin whistle: no. All things are their source. Since you know that you are consciousness and not the body, then consciousness is your source, and you and your source are the same thing.  Therefore, if you want to know your source, study your consciousness.

     I continue to stumble over the “you” in all I read: “You” are “your” source; “Your” consciousness; “You” are the witness; etc.  This is teaching by duality, (implying a “you” and “another” that is not you) and this “you” concept is a huge solid block to “my” complete understanding and experiencing what “I” am. This is what Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj meant when he said that “I am” is a teaching tool, and eventually even that “I am” must be rejected, because in reality, there is no “I”.  I cannot truthfully say “God is within me”, because that implies a separate “me” in a relationship with a separate “God”. Since “I” and “my source” are one and the same thing, any statement about a relationship between the two is duality, and is false.

     You find the door when you begin to ask “Who am I?”, but you don’t open the door until you realize neither “I” nor “the door” exist.

Notes to myself while pondering various authors.