The Pearl of Great Price

An animal on the face of the earth focuses its entire life on obtaining food, a safe place to sleep, and procreation.  As a human animal, you have one thing no other animal has: the ability to be aware of your consciousness.  Yet, for the most part, all human beings live exactly as any other animal does, although we have added thousands of fanciful bells, whistles and goals to our need for survival.  Do you ever really look at your own beingness?  Do you ever ask “Who am I?”  Do you ever wonder “What the hell is going on?”  Or do you simply continue eating, playing, working, and planning, day after day, moving ever closer to inevitable death?  In those last hours before your death, the heartbreaking truth will become evident:  that all this time you have held in your hands and breathed into your nostrils the fabled Pearl of Great Price. And you never knew.

Notes to myself while reading various authors.