True Bliss

Real love does not expect that love to be reciprocated.  It is something that emerges from you, as water emerges from a natural spring.  To love only if you are loved in return is the same as marketing a commodity.  If you can love others who are indifferent to you, or dislike you, you experience the bliss of true love.  To know this love, you must first love yourself.  That is the very highest love and joy: to honor yourself and to have compassion, forgiveness and understanding for yourself.  There is no greater love.  In this way, wherever you go, you rest in the bliss of being loved.  That love is what is meant by “Godly love”, to love yourself as you were made, and just as you are.   It opens the door of your heart and reflects from you, to envelope and comfort everything and everyone in your path.

Notes to myself while reading “From the Finite to the Infinite”, P.256, Swami Muktananda