The Life In You

Understand that this Life in you, this mysterious Presence of Awareness, is holy and is divine.  This force in you, which you rarely ever notice, never realizing its rarity or brilliance, is the very breath of God.  What mortal on this earth can create Life from nothing, and gift it to you?  The living do not create Life, they merely pass it on to their offspring, from their own supply, just as God, in the story of creation, passed his own Life on to Adam by breathing into his nostrils the breath of life, “and the man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7).  Since God had the power to create the entire universe and everything in it, why did he not create a separate breath of life for Adam instead of giving Adam his own breath?  That is a very, very strange and astonishing observation.  Can it be because this power of Life is one whole, and cannot ever be more than one, because it is all?  God himself is Life, and the Life in you is God, and is holy, and is divine.

Notes to myself while reading various authors

Letting Go

In the process of growth in vedanta, your individuality (ego) is lost forever, like a seed which, when sprouting, loses its shape, its shell, its composition, and its very promise. It becomes that promise: a completely different thing with no resemblance whatsoever to its previous seedness. You, yourself, cannot and will not grow as long as you believe that you are your imagined ego. You need to be willing to let go of all you believed from the past, and become something you have never been, and never known, before. Only if you let go of your “seedness” will you grow.

Notes to myself while reading “From the Finite to the Infinite”, P.305, Swami Muktananda

True Bliss

Real love does not expect that love to be reciprocated.  It is something that emerges from you, as water emerges from a natural spring.  To love only if you are loved in return is the same as marketing a commodity.  If you can love others who are indifferent to you, or dislike you, you experience the bliss of true love.  To know this love, you must first love yourself.  That is the very highest love and joy: to honor yourself and to have compassion, forgiveness and understanding for yourself.  There is no greater love.  In this way, wherever you go, you rest in the bliss of being loved.  That love is what is meant by “Godly love”, to love yourself as you were made, and just as you are.   It opens the door of your heart and reflects from you, to envelope and comfort everything and everyone in your path.

Notes to myself while reading “From the Finite to the Infinite”, P.256, Swami Muktananda

The Pearl of Great Price

An animal on the face of the earth focuses its entire life on obtaining food, a safe place to sleep, and procreation.  As a human animal, you have one thing no other animal has: the ability to be aware of your consciousness.  Yet, for the most part, all human beings live exactly as any other animal does, although we have added thousands of fanciful bells, whistles and goals to our need for survival.  Do you ever really look at your own beingness?  Do you ever ask “Who am I?”  Do you ever wonder “What the hell is going on?”  Or do you simply continue eating, playing, working, and planning, day after day, moving ever closer to inevitable death?  In those last hours before your death, the heartbreaking truth will become evident:  that all this time you have held in your hands and breathed into your nostrils the fabled Pearl of Great Price. And you never knew.

Notes to myself while reading various authors.


     It’s not possible to make a tin whistle out of a chunk of gold. A gold whistle: yes, but a tin whistle: no. All things are their source. Since you know that you are consciousness and not the body, then consciousness is your source, and you and your source are the same thing.  Therefore, if you want to know your source, study your consciousness.

     I continue to stumble over the “you” in all I read: “You” are “your” source; “Your” consciousness; “You” are the witness; etc.  This is teaching by duality, (implying a “you” and “another” that is not you) and this “you” concept is a huge solid block to “my” complete understanding and experiencing what “I” am. This is what Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj meant when he said that “I am” is a teaching tool, and eventually even that “I am” must be rejected, because in reality, there is no “I”.  I cannot truthfully say “God is within me”, because that implies a separate “me” in a relationship with a separate “God”. Since “I” and “my source” are one and the same thing, any statement about a relationship between the two is duality, and is false.

     You find the door when you begin to ask “Who am I?”, but you don’t open the door until you realize neither “I” nor “the door” exist.

Notes to myself while pondering various authors.

Knowing What Is

At all times, you exist in that holy place, but you do not know it.  You attach values, descriptions and attributes to all you perceive, and your mind, being dull and lazy, thereafter discerns nothing but the attributes which you, yourself, assigned to things.  In other words, you never see things as they really are, but only as you think they are.  You are very comfortable with your preconceived notions. And possibly very bored.  In reality, all things are unique and sacred.  The very wind in your hair is sacred, as is your hair.  Your existence is holy but you do not know it.  And, amazingly, you have no curiosity about it; you are too cozy in your dreams.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, P.79, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

What You Are

You always live in the state of your own understanding, and so you become what you understand.  When you believe you are your thoughts and emotions, that is what you live, but what you really are is the witness of them.  You are the light of awareness.  It is frightening to think of losing your illusory ego because you believe it is you; you believe that if it disappears, it means your death. In reality, your ego is your illusion. You are what is beyond the ego, watching it.

Notes to myself while reading “I Have Become Alive”, P.199, Swami Muktananda

Life As A Donkey

You should properly use your human life.  Seek to meet your Self.   A person who rides a donkey should know that he is not the donkey.  Your body is much the same as the donkey, but without a tail.   Society forces upon you the illusion that you are the donkey.  All sorts of donkey sorrows will naturally befall a donkey, and if you believe you are the donkey, you will suffer those same ills.  You will spend your entire human life caring for a donkey, and in the end, it dies and is burnt.   To be gifted with human life is terribly rare and precious.  We need to realize the mystery.  We need to live our life adoring the jewel it is.

Notes to myself while reading “Master of Self-Realization”, P.374, Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Inner Light

If you wish to know your Self, you must be very quiet and very simple. Miracles, trances, visions, and mind-altering drugs are of the earth, not of the Spirit. Seeking them gives you nothing, and distracts you from learning to know your Self. Just as you cannot see daylight, but you know it exists because of the objects it illuminates, so you know the Self exists because it illuminates and reveals your consciousness. Your consciousness perceives everything by the light of the Self. There is only that light. Without it, there is a darkness, devoid of all, including your awareness of awareness. When you are very quiet and simple, and you turn your awareness in on itself, you sense that light. That is the beginning of Knowledge. You truly are what you do not know. You are like a mirror, which reflects all but contains nothing.

Notes to myself while reading “I Am That”, Pg. 390, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Furnish Your Mind

Actually, you do not live in the world, or even in your body.  You live only in your mind.    Every moment of your life that’s where you are.  Your mind is your home, and your thoughts are the furnishings.  You can decorate with negative thoughts, or with positive thoughts.  You can live with the filth of self-pride, hatred, vengeance, and hurtful thoughts, or you can live with the joy of hope, excitement, curiosity and loving thoughts. No one can make you think ugly thoughts.  Within the home of your mind, you, and only you, are in charge.  You may encounter a lot of filth outside the door, but you needn’t bring it inside.

Notes to myself while reading various authors.